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“Black Hole in a Jar”
Write Bloody 2016 Contest Video Submission




Do Not Bring Him Water (full length collection forthcoming from Write Bloody Publishing in September 2017). Preorder here.

Description: Caitlin Scarano’s debut poetry collection, Do Not Bring Him Water, begins, ‘as a child you don’t ask yourself why you’re hiding, / you just hide.’ These poems bear witness to domestic trauma and the many forms it can take. In this collection, women escape knots of fishing wire, secret rooms behind radiator grates, hammers to the skull, vegetable gardens, howling houses, chains and chairs. Scarano orchestrates a strange, lyrical world where the lines between human/animal, male/female, past/future, guilt/innocence, and waking/dreaming blur with both visceral pleasure and danger. We are led through this world by a speaker who is attempting to both acknowledge and disrupt a history of violence and silence. Yes, perhaps ‘no one is made / for anyone,’ but love can still engender from loss.

ISBN-10: 1938912780
ISBN-13: 978-1938912788


The White Dog Year, chapbook (dancing girl press, 2015). Click cover to order.


The Salt and Shadow Coiled, chapbook (Zoo Cake Press, 2015). Click cover to read online.



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